Mar 20 2013

Colo. Sheriff Says Democrats Withholding Pay Raises in Retaliation For Gun Bill Opposition

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How can anybody think that there is nothing nefarious about the Democrats proposed gun control legislation when they have to threaten people to get behind it?

From The Daily Caller by Greg Campbell
11:17 AM 03/11/2013

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa says that unnamed Democrats in Colorado’s state Senate have threatened to withhold pay raises for the state’s sheriffs in retaliation for their opposition to a package of gun control measures that will get their final vote in the Senate on Monday.

“What they’re saying is ‘you have really upset us,’” he told KVOR host Jeff Crank, “and it’s almost a coercion, extortion, blackmail or influence of a public official through pay.”

Because sheriffs are elected in Colorado, their salaries are set by the state legislature, which follows the recommendations of a salary commission. Maketa said sheriffs haven’t seen a pay raise since 2006 and are due a 10 percent increase.

Read the entire article at The Daily Caller.

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