Oct 25

Michelle Obama 2004 Fundraising Letter Defends Partial Birth Abortion

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Robocalls from Gloria Steinem went out today in the swing state of Colorado. She states in her recorded message that she will be calling tomorrow, 10/24/12, for a townhall to discuss the most important issues facing women this election year. She will discuss Planned Parenthood and what a Romney presidency would do to women.

Okay, let us discuss. What would a Romney presidency do to or for women and Planned Parenthood? He may be able to defund partial-birth abortions at their clinics, and defund the tax-payer financing of gender discrimination that takes place there, though Steinem’s more likely to attack him for definding mammograms, something they don’t actually do now, anyway. Let’s face it, Planned Parenthood should really be renamed Planned UNParenthood.

Just to be fair, though, what would an Obama 2nd term as President do to or for women and Planned Parenthood?  Status quo, or do you believe Obamacare will destroy what’s left of the great health care system we have? In your opinion, is this the most important issue for women this election? Because here at TF, we believe everything goes back to the economy. Without a strong economy, none of the rest can happen – we lose it all. Four years ago, when Obama took office and had the chance to implement all the change and hope he could, he chose to ram Obamacare through. He didn’t choose jobs or the economy; he chose take-over of a sixth of our economy by the government. Now he’s running on that alone. And scare tactics aimed at women regarding issues that frankly don’t matter in this election cycle nearly as much as the one thing he can’t seem to fix, the economy.

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President Obama’s position as a senator on issues like partial-birth abortion– where a live baby is pulled partially out of the birthing canal, only to have its skull punctured with a sharp object– is known to many voters.  Though he voted “present” a remarkable number of times, he voted three times against the Born Alive Act in Illinois, which says that babies who survive late-term abortions are entitled to all the rights and protections any other infant would receive.

Now, LifeNews has uncovered a fundraising letter signed by Michelle Obama in 2004– just one year after President Bush signed a bill banning partial-birth abortion– calling partial-birth abortion a “legitimate medical procedure.”

The letter begins:

We have all been concerned lately with the rise of conservatism in this country, especially as it relates to women. You’ve read the alarming news about the Justice Department’s request for hospitals to turn over the private medical records of dozens of patients. This cynical ploy is designed to intimidate a group of physicians and force them to drop their lawsuit seeking to have the so-called partial birth abortion ban ruled unconstitutional.

The fact remains, with no provision to protect the health of the mother, this ban on a legitimate medical procedure is clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned. [Emphasis added]

Michelle Obama has come under fire for the letter before– particularly when her husband was running for president in 2008– but the letter was primarily spoken of, not circulated in its entirety.

“I’d like to ask Michelle how in the world she could in good conscience raise money from fear-mongering about this barbaric abortion procedure,” pro-life advocate Jill Stanek said at the time.

When then-candidate Obama issued a warning to keep family out of the public eye, Stanek added: “So it’s fine to kill late-term babies, but we can’t risk hurting Michelle’s feelings about it…”

Since arriving in the White House, the Obamas have remained strong pro-choice advocates, but are far less vocal about late-term abortions.  When asked about their previous stance, Obama representatives have said the legislation interfered with the mother’s original right to choose.

If anything, the Obama campaign has turned such issues on their heels.  Their longstanding support for abortion makes them protectors of “women’s rights,” and those who disagree, or ask women to pay for their own birth control, are accused of waging a “war on women.”

Read the entire fundraising letter here.

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